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Hello and thanks for visiting my website!

I was raised on the West Coast and Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii. I have MFAs from Eastern Washington University and the University of Iowa and I’m a two-time MacDowell Fellow. My first book, The Territory of Men: a Memoir, was published in 2002 by Random House to critical acclaim.

My second book is The Forest House: a Year’s Journey into the Landscape of Love, Loss and Starting Over, which is set in northeast California.

My newest venture is HardRider Press, where I write and publish biker-related short fiction. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/hardriderpress. Click above to see the photo album of upcoming stories–all of which are only $2.99 on Amazon, Ibooks, and the usual places. The first story, “The Ride,” is available now. “Virginia City” will be available December 5, and from then I’ll have 1-2 stories a month!

My award-winning work has appeared in many literary journals including Hawaii Pacific Review, High Desert Journal, Michigan Quarterly Review, Fourth Genre, Crazyhorse, Zyzzyva and The Iowa Review. In 2010, an essay I wrote was recognized as a Notable Essay in the Best American Essays anthology.

In addition to writing, I am a managing editor at Lucky Bat Books (www.luckybatbooks.com), so if you have a book you’re interested in publishing, check us out! I also teach writing and have taught at the Mendocino Writers’ Conference, the Truckee Meadows Writers Conference, and Whidbey Island Writers’ Conference.

To see a book trailer on YouTube, search for The Forest House – Book Trailer.

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me on Facebook to get updates at: http://www.facebook.com/joellefraserwriter



  1. Have you ever wished you could relive one day? Years ago I met a girl at a coffee shop. Conversation was easy,she was with her mother. At the time I was enrolled in a creative writing workshop, The woman is a writer which helped.Weeks later I received a phone call from this woman inviting me to a reading she was giving in Mendocino. Elated that she called me, I agreed to go. As the date grew closer I grew quite nervous about the whole thing. Im thinking whats this all about. My inner voice says ,man this chick is hot,and smart. Just be yourself. Unfortunately sometime,who knows when, in my head I got this impression that being myself is lacking somehow. Hope im making sense with this. So rather than risking rejection. Or the other crap my tape plays, I didnt go. The worst part of this whole deal is, Im afraid that I hurt this womans feelings. Its been years ago, but I think about that night quite often. Right now Im thinking that this letter wont even be read. That woman probobly doesnt know what Im talking about.. I just cant stop thinking about what would have happened had I went. I really wish I could turn back the clock and find out what or why this has been bothering me for all this time. Billy

  2. I got your book and am reading it; will shortly finish it. It’s a remarkable piece of work. Thanks for sending it to me and autographing it.


  3. So glad you liked it Bo!!!

  4. Hi yes I remember you–I’m so sorry it took this long to respond. I don’t actually manage this site…Anyway I hope you are well, and no worries you didn’t hurt my feelings at all way back when. Anyway I did read your letter here and it was nice to hear from you. Take care and keep in touch! Joelle

  5. Joelle I am Peggi Root owner of Susanville Discount Furniture. Last week my son called me and was excited about the reading you gave to his class at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka Ca. He was listening as you red your exerpt describing your experience with me and my business. I would like to know if you could send me that exerpt. I would love to see how my business has effected your story and possibly use this as a possitive experience for future customers. Business is tough in these economic times and I do try everything in my power to boost my sales, give my customers confidence and give my business a new perspective. I will continue to work hard and give my all to each and everyone of my current customers, and potentially new customers.

  6. “I also teach writing, and have taught at the Mendocino Writers’ Conference and Whidbey Island Writers’ Conference.”

    Comma splice — how: ironic; like rain on your wedding day

  7. Wow ! Joelle, I didn’t know you were here until just now. I see October on the first post. I know what Billy means about not going, and lost possibilities. We have all had our share of those. ~ I was afraid your book tour for Forest House would not be as fruitful as you had hoped, but seeing the turnout at Books & Beyond in Chester, I had my hopes. Perhaps unknown benefits of this tour will surface at some time in the future. I remember some functions I had sponsored in Susanville on pot legalization were quite disappointing in the turnouts, but provided some valuable contacts that are active today. ~ I have once again come into a new vicissitude through gateway of your presence….like my Brazilian friends. What I’m talking about here is the introduction to Susan Bryner that I was afforded by going up there to hear you read. And you weren’t reading…that was funny. One of the best days I had had in a long time. Anyway….after my little audition on that day, Susan got me a job at a private party up in Chester, and just hired me herself on Friday to play at Books & Beyond during the Chester Old Towne Stroll. That was a gas. I sang and played for about four hours and did 60 or so songs. It was great fun for me and a bunch of new friends I’m making up there who were dancing around and having a great time. I am now launching a campaign to market myself on Facebook and LinkedIn. I really don’t think it was your intention to kick-start my new musical career, but I have to thank you for it anyway. You are wonderful. Chin up!

  8. I’m enjoying your book completely. You are an excellent writer to say the very least. About 2/3 of the way through the book the light went on for me; this man is Ken Goring!
    Sure enough. I’m born and raised in Hawaii, I went to Punahou as a boarding student from Kauai which is where I met Ken. Reading about him, his humor, blue eyed blond with rugged freckly complexion who loved to surf and have fun made me miss him!
    Good, good book.
    Pam Dohrman

  9. Thank you so much! I sure hope it ends well for you!


  10. That’s amazing! I’m so glad you are liking the book. And I’m glad you knew my dad, too–terrific news! Joelle

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